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“I Hate My Job. Now What?!”


Have you ever clawed your way into a job only to discover that you…hate it?

If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have faced the crushing reality of “dream jobs” (or “dream educational opportunities”) gone bad.

The big question is what to do next. Should you keep working at the job, hoping it will get better eventually (or, worse yet, feeling paralyzed by the thought “maybe this as good as it gets…”), or should you quit and find something else?

In a recent interview conducted by quarter-life coach Michelle Roby, I answer these questions and more, including:

After you watch, I’d love to hear about your experiences answering the question, “I hate my job. Now what?!” What did you do to cope and/or make change?

Photo Credit: mjtmail (tiggy)

Rebecca Fraser-Thill About the author: A career coach, college instructor, blogger, and speaker, Rebecca Fraser-Thill empowers young adults to lead the lives they imagined they’d have. Drawing on psychology research, a decade of work with twentysomethings, and her own quarterlife frustrations, Rebecca encourages millennials to transcend the platitudes and pursue meaningful, fulfilling lives.

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  • Sebastian says:

    I feel you on saving money to have that back up plan. I have this thing where I pretend I only make 50% of what I earn and I save it all for these crisis moments. But then again, I don’t engage in any form of leisure.

    • You don’t engage in “any form” of leisure?! That may be a recipe for burnout. But it does seem you enjoy online work, so perhaps it all lies in the definition of “leisure.” In any event, your saving patterns are incredible. Truly. I hope you won’t hit a moment of crisis when you’ll need it!